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The Vintage Delay will instantly bring you back to the days of warm, lush, “all-tube echoes, and at the same time it connects you to the state-of-the-art digital delays of today. It builds on the legacy of the classic TC 2290, the holy grail of delays. Resurrect the tape echo of the 60’ies, recreate the “analog temperate sound of the tubes, or be cool with the studio quality delays. Tap-tempo lets you set the pace, and several control knobs gives you the power to be delayed, but not late.

Delay time - Sets the delay time. The delay time can be set from approx. 10ms to 1500ms.

Feedback Level - Sets the amount of signal that is fed back to the input of the delay line. The higher setting the more delay repeats.

Delay Level - Controls the level of the delay repeats.

Output Level - Output level for the effect.

Filter - To reproduce the slight deterioration of the delay repeats that was significant to old tape echoes the Filter can be switched on. This function gives a warmer sound on the delay repeats that allows long relatively loud delay repeats to blend much better in your overall sound.

Triplets - In off position (up), the tapped tempo equals the delay time between the repeats. If you e.g. tap quarter notes at tempo 120BPM, the delay will repeat times 2 per second. When the triplet function is activated - the delay repeats will play quarter note triplets according to the tapped tempo. That means 6 repeats per bar.

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