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tc electronic G-Sharp Guitar Effects procesors

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tc electronic
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Main Features
With G-Sharp you get full and direct access to all the legacy reverbs and effects, and their parameters. Everything is easy to control from the front panel and that gives you a maximum of flexibility – at home, in the rehearsing room, or when you’re playing live.

We’ve packed the G-Sharp with TC goodies and you’ll find high density 24-bit processing and AD/DA converters that fully live up to the TC reputation of high quality and tone preserving I/O.
You’ll find an auto-sensing digital In at 24-bit S/PDIF that gives you a secure and bulletproof input connection in any setup. If digital input fails to register, the G-Sharp will automatically switch back to analog input selection.

The G-Sharp also gives you an easy-to-read preset display that always tells you what preset you’re currently using. On top of that there’s MIDI in/out, MIDI clock tempo sync, tap tempo from a pedal, and a global bypass function.

Plug the G-Minor triple footswitch or the TC G-Switch pedal to the G-Sharp, and you have instant access to parameters and changes right from the floor. The adaptive built in power supply, secures seamless operation at any main voltage.

  •     15 world-class reverbs
  •     15 delays and modulations
  •     2.5 seconds of delay
  •     Direct footswitch control with G-Switch
  •     TC G-Minor compatible - plug and play
  •     Full MIDI compatibility (MIDI In/Out)
  •     Built in auto sensing power supply - no wall-wart!
  •     Mono and stereo compatible – will fit in virtually any
  •     chain of pedals or amp effects loop
  •     256 effect combinations and 99 user presets
  •     Ease of use - if you can operate a pedal, you can operate this
  •     Tap tempo of delays or modulation
  •     Digital I/O and MIDI clock tempo sync
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