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Soundcraft Si MADI-USB

Cat5 MADI stream, 32x32 via MADI and 32x32 via USB
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Tehniskā specifikācija

The MADI-USB Combo Card provides users of the console with a single-slot option card that has a Cat5 MADI stream for use with Soundcraft Stageboxes and other MADI devices as well as a ultra-low latency multi-channel USB interface for live and studio recording to DAWs and other recording systems.

The 64x64 MADI-USB Combo Card comes configured to provide 32x32 via MADI and 32x32 via USB. The 32 MADI input channels can be fed from Soundcraft Stageboxes, another console, or other MADI feeds while the 32 MADI output channels can be used for the console's output busses, channel direct outputs, or other feeds. The 32 USB input channels can be used for playback/monitoring from the recording system, often PC or Mac-based DAWs, while the 32 USB output channels can send channel direct-outputs or other outputs for multi-track recordings.

"We recognize that in addition to pristine audio quality and ease of use, flexibility is a top priority for sound engineers when it comes to their mixing consoles," said Sean Karpowicz, Product Manager, Soundcraft. "The MADI-USB Combo option card gives our users great flexibility with a single slot option card that provides both Stagebox connectivity via MADI and multi-channel USB recording."

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