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SuperNATURAL Piano Sound and Sophistication

Roland marks a new RD-series milestone with the debut of the RD-700NX. This exquisite instrument raises the bar for onstage performance with its incredible sound, touch, and control. The flagship stage piano boasts an advanced SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, electric piano sounds based on SuperNATURAL technology, a deluxe PHA III Ivory Feel Keyboard with Escapement, a unique Sound Focus feature, and a newly improved user interface with a large, high-resolution LCD. Whether your performances focus strictly on piano or a world of sound via master MIDI control, the RD-700NX is a dream instrument for the stage.

Version 2 adds;

With the Version 2 software update, the RD-700NX is infused with new Live Sets and flexible sound creation with the RD-NX Editor for iPad

The RD-700NX have been highly acclaimed as the ultimate professional stage pianos thanks to their authentic SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, meticulously modeled SuperNATURAL-based electric pianos, and Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement for true expressiveness. Along with the gorgeous grand pianos and EPs, hundreds of powerful synthesizer sounds are onboard the RD-700NX, plus a variety of multi-effects. Combinations of layers, zones, effects, and various tone parameters can be stored as Live Sets for powerful and expressive sound creation.

RD-NX Editor With the Version 2 software upgrade, 50 new Live Sets have been added, featuring flexible real-time control via sliders or pedals. In addition, the RD-NX Editor for iPad lets you select your favorite Live Set easily, and edit your layers visually on the large screen of the iPad. The RD-NX Editor* can be used wirelessly with Roland’s WNA1100-RL Wireless USB adapter (sold separately).
RD-NX Editor* In order for the iPad to communicate with the RD-700NX/300NX using the WNA1100-RL, a wireless LAN access point with an Internet connection is required. The WNA1100-RL is manufactured by NETGEAR, Inc. and distributed by Roland Corporation. NETGEAR is registered trademark of NETGEAR, Inc.

    - SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine (3 types/9 Tone variations/30 Live Sets), E.Piano based on SuperNATURAL technology (3 types/12 Tone variations/30 Live Sets)
    - Hundreds of other sounds including 10 Virtual Tone Wheel Organs built in
    - Storage for 100 Live Sets (combinations of layers, zones, effects, and various tone parameters)
    - Deluxe PHA III Ivory Feel Keyboard with Escapement
    - Innovative Sound Focus feature ensures that every note will be heard in the mix, even subtle pianissimo passages, without compressing or coloring the sound
    - Extensive multi-effects processing options
    - Instant access to standard piano and EP sounds via One Touch Piano buttons
    - Master MIDI control features plus four MIDI ports (MIDI IN, MIDI OUT x 2, MIDI OUT/THRU)
    - Balanced XLR outputs; USB ports for data storage and audio-play functionality

    Version 2 adds;
    - 50 new Live Sets optimized for the RD-700NX
    - The number of User Live Sets have been increased from 100 to 200 on the RD-700NX
    - Download the free RD-NX Editor for iPad with wireless connectivity
    - Quick and easy Favorite Live Set selection with RD-NX Editor
    - Intuitive Live Set editing with the iPad’s large touch screen

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