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100 watts RMS @ 5% THD 8 or 16 ohm load, 120 VAC
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Ražotājs: Crate
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Tehniskā specifikācija

The mainstay of many big-time stadium-show rigs, this Blue Voodoo delivers 120 Class AB watts of pure tube power. Packed with 4 - 6L6/5881 and 4 - 12AX7 tubes, this tone-monster features 2-channel operation, dual reverb, line out, switchable effects loop, and deep blue and gold cosmetics.

Here's a quick overview of the BV-120H's features and controls.
• All-Tube Preamp and Power Amp: Classic tube sounds with Crate’s legendary performance and reliability.
• Two Completely Separate Channels: Independent level, tone and reverb controls
• Presence Control: Provides even greater tone control and flexibility by allowing you to vary the upper harmonics of your guitar
• Footswitch Control: Remote channel selection and Effects Loop On/Off is available through the use of an optional two-button footswitch (such as Crate’s CFP-2)
• Switchable  Effects  Loop  with  Pad: Footswitch  or  front  panel  button  controlled,  the  external effects loop can be switched in or out with ease. A switchable pad provides optimum performance from line-level rack mounted effects as well as floor-dwelling foot pedals
• Impedance Selector Switch: Proper impedance matching is essential for optimum performance and life expectancy of a tube amplifier. These amps allow the use of 8 or 16 ohm speaker configurations
• Line  Out  Jack: Taken  directly  from  the  speaker  output  jacks,  the  Line  Out  signal  is  frequency compensated to sound like a “miked” speaker cabinet. Use this jack to connect to the house mixing board, a recording console or another performer’s powered monitor
• DC Filament Supply: The first preamp tube has a DC filament supply for reduced hum.
• High Cosmetic Appeal and Stage Presence: The unique cosmetics of the BV-60H/120H serve as a tribute to your good taste in musical equipment.
• Musician Made in the U.S.A.

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