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Two free-floating plies of 7-mil Mylar®, the brightest sounding multi-ply heads and most durable.
20.00 EUR
Two free-floating plies of 7-mil Mylar® film. popular for today’s Studio, Pop, R&B and Rock drummers
20.00 EUR
Single-ply 10-mil Mylar®
23.90 EUR
10-mil mylar® with a 5-mil dot top or bottom
27.90 EUR
Coated Controlled Sound heads are one of Remo’s most preferred snare drum heads.
27.90 EUR
Single ply 10-mil Mylar®
23.90 EUR
Thin underlay at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen unwanted overtones.
29.90 EUR
Two 7-mil Mylar® plies, and have quick decay, making them ideal heads for the “fat” sounds of Pop, Rock and R&B
26.00 EUR
Two (10- & 5-mil) Mylar® plies with a measured layer of a ring
35.00 EUR
Same film as the Coated Ambassador® but are 20% thicker = greater attack, wider mid range
23.90 EUR